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StolenSoul Steve
16 August 2008 @ 02:52 pm
Title sez it all.....

StolenSoul Steve
09 August 2008 @ 12:50 am
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StolenSoul Steve
08 August 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Army Of Me - Bjork

Stand up
You've got to manage
I won't sympathize

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

You're alright
There's nothing wrong
Self-sufficience please!
And get to work

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

You're on your own now
We won't save you
Your rescue-squad
Is too exhausted

And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

I don't care. I like this song. The beat is good.
Music: Army of Me - Bjork
StolenSoul Steve
20 July 2008 @ 09:59 pm
Mary and I caught a showing of The Dark Knight today, and I really don't know what to say about it. It has its pros and cons I guess so maybe I'll just break it down that way.

Ledger's "Joker". His performance will earn him at least an academy nomination, I cannot say a win. His take is very extreme and less funny then Nicholson's. You could believe there was a real maniac like this out there.

Storyline is great. The Joker starts an escalation war against the public, Gordan, Dent, and Batman. Other people dressing as Batman with guns are apprehended as well. The bank heist in the beginning was a great start.

Action movie of the summer. It's loaded with explosions, chases, fights and critical situations. As a man I believe this is where I grunt and bang my chest. Rrraaa Rrraahh!!

Bat Bike. Very cool and interesting on how it comes on the screen. Few neat effects with it. Looking forward to another Batmobile.

New Bat suit. Nice upgrade from the first suit and the introduction of integrated technology in the suit.

Too long. I hate thinking about standing while there are still 45 minutes of the movie left.

The Joker doesn't have an acid flower or any chemical warfare. I thought they might have tied Scarecrow to the Joker somehow with that.

The mansion isn't rebuilt yet. No bat cave.

Harvey Dent while as "Two-Face" looked to much like a stripped T-101 Terminator, or The Mummy w/ B. Fraiser. I was also disappointed about how Harvey is scarred on that side of his face.

The actress they got to replace Katie Holmes wasn't anything special. She was older looking and Mary said she had this look on her face like this..


Batman Begins: 5 for 5 stars
The Dark Knight: 4 for 5 stars

Sequels are always disappointing but they held it well. Ledger is on a level of his own with this take on The Joker. With the power of the sequel however they are breaking records. Ladies and gentlemen, we have secured a trilogy. We shall all hope remaining cast stays together.
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StolenSoul Steve
12 July 2008 @ 11:29 pm
So back in '97, one of my friends at the time ( I lived in Waterford in 1997 ) wanted to barrow my cd player during lunch. I was known to carry that thing EVERYWHERE as some as you Heritage grads know. ANYWAYS, he popped in "The Great Milenko" and gave it a spin and let me listen to a few tracks. I got hooked, so I have all of ICP's stuff up to "The Amazing Jeckel Bros." After that I kinda fell off the whole "horror-core rap" thing. I get into Three Six Mafia and shit. More gangsta rap. ANYWAYS...I tend to ramble. lol

I put "Violent J" into my YouTube search bar the other night and found this interview he made back in 2004. I thought it was kinda cool, if you are a juggalo/jugalette past or present you might find it as well.




After watching it I thought to myself, "Man, he has got to be high all the damn time" lol

And then I thought about one of the last things he said in PART 2. About how making it in the music business is an mountain and Eminem took the elevator with Dr Dre to stardom, and they walked it. You do have to respect them for all the hard work they've put into themselves to get where they are today. That takes a lot. Rock on Violent J, I still won't buy anymore of your new shit, but rock on. lol

BTW, has anyone listened to that new stuff?!? Its terrible!! I downloaded the latest one and I felt cheated out of internet bandwidth and a blank CD. Last time I do that.
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StolenSoul Steve
30 May 2008 @ 07:24 pm
Well its Friday again. Only 24 more Fridays in the year. I think.......lol

So anyways, I've really been thinkin about making an electric vehicle. It would be so awesome, but its so frickin expensive. A universal kit for converting a car is about $7,000. And you still have to put it together. Here's a link to that... http://www.electroauto.com/catalog/kits.shtml#deluxe

So I've been thinking lighter. More like a go kart. But still too expensive cause even that is too heavy. So now its motorcycle. I want to build a 72VDC Electric motorcycle. Able to drive to my work and back during the summer months, and possibly to do small errands. I also want to be able to drive at least 40 miles with an average speed of 35-40mph on a single charge. So at least I can keep up with traffic and make it out to Bay Rd. and back without being stranded. So now I have been reading up on electrical ideas, electrical properties, components, etc.

Perhaps I should be an electrical engineer? I say no. Way too much math. I hate math. I know I use it every day at work. But its simple math. I've always liked electric motors and making things with them. I made a hovercraft in middle school with small electric motors turned into fans, a 9 volt battery, and a styrofoam meat tray. You couldn't control it, but it still would cruise down the halls without any help. I even thought about stopping at Roger's Hobby shop and buying a few small motors and just making a little mini model of my motorcycle. I estimate it would cost me about $1,500 - 2,000 to build a real one. Cost me about a quarter to recharge it. Wish I could.

Maybe I should start a website. "Help me build an electric motorcycle - PLEASE DONATE!" lol
StolenSoul Steve
25 May 2008 @ 10:41 pm
Here's the breakdown. In between posts here I built myself a little solar battery charger. I've been so proud of myself I made a dorky video for all to enjoy!

Maybe next time I'll sing! LOL! Type O anyone?? So yeah, I'm pretty proud of my creation. It got me really about alternative free energy. I mean the sun frickin rises and sets every day. And I cannot fathom the amount of power it gives us, in light & heat. I'll bore ya with a few new favorite videos.

This is called "Infinity Miles Per Gallon". A guy and a class of highschool students actually build a solar powered car, with a small front solar panel no less. Impressive? Indeed.

Car that runs on water... well actually hydrogen and gas mix. Interesting? Maybe.

StolenSoul Steve
21 May 2008 @ 08:06 pm
Skimming thru YouTube again I came across a video of all the old Windows startup screens and sounds. Windows 95 came on and a big grin came across my face. Windows 95 was the ultimate in its time. The beginning of the current computer age. So anyways, I changed my Vista Login Sound to that old Win95 startup. :)

Do do-do-dalaaa dingity dingity dinity ooooaaaaalllllaaaaaa

Check out this guy's blog for the WAV.

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StolenSoul Steve
18 May 2008 @ 10:53 am
Kinda funny clip of what they thought fashion was gonna be like in the year 2000. YouTube description claims its from the 30's. I think it might be a bit later then that.

I love that outfit the guy is wearing at the end. In the year 2000 we were all wearing utility belts like Batman? But no bat-a-rangs in there, just "candy for cuties". lol